About Me

I’m Jennifer–daughter, sister, wife, soror (SGRho), cousin, professor, Christian, black woman, friend. I started this blog to make more space in my head by getting my thoughts out and editing them in real time. I’m a writer at my heart. I blog about current events, the black community and humanity in general.

But since writing doesn’t pay too many bills, I’m a professor by trade. I received my PhD in English/African-American literature in May 2016, my master’s in English in 2007 and my bachelor’s, also in English, in 2005. Professoring, like many fields, takes a while to break into, and so I’m currently working as an admissions analyst at the University of Memphis.

As an academic, I’ve decided to go a more non-traditional route with my career. Instead of seeking a tenure track position, I am going into instructional design and curriculum development and want to be in business for myself. I do freelance writing on the side so feel free to contact me at jenngbeech at gmail dot com if you are interested in hiring me. You can view my portfolio here.


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