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10 Things We All Want to Know Now

In no particular order.

10. The sex of Beyonce’s twins. You know, so you can plan that baby shower accordingly.

9. How Sean Spicer still has a job.

8. If we are going to war. Again.

7. What Bill O’Reilly’s next job will be. Ya’ll know he’s not going away, right?

6. What was Russia’s involvement in the American election of 2016? Like, really?

5. If whatever good is happening in your life now is because you forwarded that chain letter or typed “Amen” on Facebook. And vice versa.

4. Will anyone ever fly United again?

3. When you’ll be able to plan Serena Williams’s baby shower.

2. Why is Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino such a big deal?

1. Someone died live on Facebook. Let’s pause to let that sink in.